Medium Duty Rescues



Reidsville, NC

Model DF0973R


Reidsville, located in in central North Carolina near the Virginia border, purchased a Hackney rescue mounted on an International 4400. The chassis features a 330 hp engine; vertical exhaust stack, Allison 3000EVS automatic transmission; 12,000# front axle; 23,000# rear axle; and 320-amp alternator. The 18-ft body is mounted on the Hackney drop/pinch frame to maximize storage capacity. The rear frame is also dropped, creating a full height rescue compartment as depicted above.

The OEM front bumper was removed and replaced with an extended straight fire service type stainless steel bumper. A 10,000# receiver is mounted beneath the front bumper with two siren speakers and air horns mounted in the face of the bumper.

The body features nine (9) compartments, plus two coffin compartments on the recessed roof. The coffin compartments run full length of the roof to accommodate all the long equipment and shoring timbers required to be carried. This required that the light tower be mounted between the cab and body.

The department upgraded the electrical system to full V-MUX multiplexing to allow remote field diagnostics and display graphically and textually compartment open and light tower deployed warnings. The LCD screen will also display, on a separate screen, all vehicle data including oil capacity and types of filters.

  • Vehicle data recorder
  • Air brake pump connected to shorepower
  • 10,000# winch receivers beneath front and rear bumper and left and right side body
  • Bumper storage compartment
  • Recessed UniStrut track in side walls of all compartments to maximize width of shelves
  • Slide-out tool boards and SCBA rack
  • Roller assembly at rear of roof rail to assist with loading and unloading of ladders and timbers
  • SCBA storage tubes in wheelskirt panels (4)
  • Electric awning full length - curb side
  • Safety interlock to prevent movement of vehicle when light tower is extended
  • LED tail lights and marker lights
  • Auxiliary upper stop light activated by Jake brake with impulse flash alert
  • Message display center on console with graphic and textual alerts for doors open, tower and awning extended
  • Whelen halogen scene lights - two each side
  • Whelen halogen scene lights on rear (2)
  • All scene lights activated by reverse or turn signal modes, in addition to manual mode
  • LED compartment lights - vertical strip type recessed into side walls of all compartments
  • LED roof compartment lights
  • Ground lights front, rear, and side activated by reverse, turn signals and manually
  • Whelen LED warning light package
  • Color rearview backup camera
  • 25kw PTO generator
  • 240VAC cord reel with 200-ft 10/4 cable split at power distribution box into four 120VAC outlets
  • Will-Burt light tower with six (6) 900-watt MagnaFire flood lights - omni-directional
  • 7.9 cfm, 240VAC utility air compressor
  • Utility air hose reel - electric rewind - 150-ft
  • Recessed utility air outlet left and right wheelskirt panel
  • Hydraulic rescue tool hose reels (2)