Heavy Duty Rescues


Yonkers Fire Department

Yonkers, New York

Model DFC1170-TU


The City of Yonkers joins New York City, Bronx on the north. The city operates two Hackney technical rescues, one depicted here and a tractor/trailer; a hazmat trailer; and a PD Special Units vehicle . The technical rescue depicted here is specifically designed to handle collapse rescue incidents.

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  • Mack MRU613 tilt-cab
  • 11-liter MaxiDyne, 325 hp engine
  • Allison 4500 EVS automatic transmission
  • 18,000# front axle; 44,000# tandem rear axles
  • Extended front bumper with storage compartment and stainless steel fire service bumper
  • 10,000 lb. winch receivers: front bumper; left and right side of body; rear bumper. 12vdc power connections at all receiver sites
  • Hackney 25.5-ft Technical Rescue Body
  • Shoring tunnel in rear for Finform panels and timbers
  • Customized compartments for Hurst airshores, pads and jacks.
  • Slide-out table with mounted compound miter saw
  • Portable hydraulic powered breaker tool
  • Recessed roof with coffin compartments for storage of additional timbers, backboards, restraints and harnesses, etc.
  • Full body length awning on left and right
  • 185 cfm PTO air compressor with NST couplers
  • Electric rewind air hose reel with 100-ft 1” diameter hose with 1.5” claw couplers
  • Electric rewind air hose reel with 150-ft 3/8” utility hose with Schrader coupler
  • 25kw hydraulic generator
  • 24-place, 125-amp breaker panel mounted in the right front compartment facing operator.
  • 30-amp automatic transfer relay powering on board outlets for tool battery chargers from shorepower or generator
  • 240vac, 30-amp twist lock outlets (2)
  • 240vac, 50-amp  Hubble outlet
  • Electric rewind cord reels (2) with 200-ft 10/4 cable and four-outlet power distribution box
  • 900-watt flood lights on upper left and right side body and front of cab
  • NightScan light tower recessed in front of roof.
  • V-Mux multiplexed electrical system with message center for diagnostics, fluid levels, compartment open warnings in graphic display and textual.
  • Whelen LED tail light assembly
  • LED upper auxiliary stop light with initial alert sequence activated by Jake brake
  • LED TrafficMaster light bar on rear
  • Whelen 12vdc halogen scene lights – two each side and two rear with automatic activation
  • LED vertically counted compartment lights recessed into side walls
  • LED recessed lights in roof compartment lids
  • LED ground lights
  • Whelen 72” UltraFreedom LED light bar on cab roof
  • Whelen LED warning lights in all upper and lower zones around body, side and front of cab
  • Federal Q2B siren in front bumper
  • Federal electronic siren with bumper speaker
  • Color rearview camera


Yonkers Fire Department Yonkers Fire Department