Heavy Duty Rescues


Lafayette Township Fire Protection District

Floyds Knob, IN

Model DFC1173R24


Lafayette protects an area northwest of Louisville along the I-265 northern loop. This rescue replaces a rescue manufactured by Hackney that has served the district well for over 16 years. The durability and functionality prompted the department to merely enhance its capabilities but stay with a manufacturer that had a proven track record for those sixteen years.

  • Hackney DFC1173R24, 24-ft body with recessed roof storage compartments
  • Drop/Pinch frame technology for 40” floor to ceiling compartment depth
  • Spartan MetroStar MFD cab/chassis with 10” raised roof
  • 450 hp Cummins 9-liter engine; Allison 3000EVS automatic 6-speed transmission
  • 320-amp Leece-Neville alternator and six (6) batteries
  • Kussmaul 1200 battery conditioner and 20-amp AutoEject shorepower
  • 21,500 lb. front axle with Michelin 425/65R22.5 XZY3 tires
  • 27,000 lb. rear axle with Michelin 315/80R-22.5 XDN2 tires
  • Accuride aluminum wheels
  • RUDD automatic tire chains
  • S-Cam brakes with ABS/ATC/ESC
  • Driver’s seat, Bostrom 4-way air ABTS; Officer’s seat, Bostrom SCBA with SecureAll; four rear SCBA seats with SecureAll
  • Heated and power adjustable mirrors; powered door windows
  • Severe-duty steel front bumper with 24” extension. Center and left side bumper compartment for Genesis hydraulic rescue tools with quick-connect couplers integrated into compartment
  • Vertical storage cabinets, 22” wide x 21” high x 22” deep, behind driver and officer seats
  • Vertical storage cabinet, 36” wide x 48” high x 22” deep, between forward facing rear seats
  • 10,000 lb. receivers under left and right side of body and under front and rear bumpers for 9000 lb. portable winch (included)
  • 11-compartment body with Hackney roll-up doors – 872 cu.ft of useable storage capacity (excluding roof compartments)
  • Full length roof coffin compartments on left and right side of walkway
  • Extended roof access platform with side ladder entrance and stainless steel safety rails
  • Ladder brackets on sides of roof compartments for: 14-ft, 16-ft, 24-ft, and 28-ft roof ladders
  • Roller assembly on roof access platform for assisted ladder loading and unloading
  • Roof rope tie-off points: (2) each side and one on each corner of roof rated at 600 lbs.
  • Slide-out Speedi-Dry absorbent hopper in right rear wheelskirt panel for 80 lb. material
  • Fold-down step platforms (7) to assist reaching upper storage areas of side compartments
  • Hydraulic tool mounting provisions
  • Isolated and vented rope compartment with 45” wide x 88” long x 12” high two-way slide-out tray
  • Cribbing storage slide-out tray mounted on floor of second left side compartment measuring 51” wide x 36” deep x 24” high
  • Extreme-duty PacTrac slide-out toolboards (3)
  • Slide-out airbag tray
  • Transverse storage tunnels for stokes basket stretcher; (2) long backboards; and long tools retrievable from either side of body
  • Isolated and vented rope and EMS equipment cabinet
  • Refrigerator mounted on slide-out tray with storage rack behind
  • Rear extrication compartment with three separate slide tray for spreader, cutter, rams, and portable pump
  • Genesis electric rewind hydraulic hose reels (2) in upper rear extrication tool compartment
  • Girard electric awning full length left side of body
  • Scott 26.5 cfm, 20hp breathing air compressor with (4) 6000 psi ASME receivers and RevolveAir fill station
  • Utility air hose reels, electric rewind with 175-ft 3/8” hose plumbed to fill station with 0-400 psi regulator
  • Seven (7) spare SCBA bottle storage tubes next to fill station
  • V-MUX Multiplexed electrical system with color LCD control panel recessed into dash
  • Whelen FN72QLED LED light bar and upper and lower zone warning lights
  • Roto-Ray LED warning light in grille
  • Whelen 90 series LED scene lights (8)
  • Federal LED taffic advisor light bar
  • LED vertical compartment strip lights recessed into side walls of all compartments and roof compartment lids
  • Federal Q2B left side of bumper
  • Whelen 295HFS2 siren with two Whelen bumper mounted speaker
  • Hadley air horns in front bumper (2)
  • Color backup camera
  • 40,000 watt PTO generator mounted inside left front compartment with 30-amp automatic and 100-amp manual transfer relay switches
  • 240VAC Akron cord reels with 200-ft 10/4 cable and power distribution box (2)
  • FRC 750-watt Optimum tripod flood lights (2)
  • FRC Optimum 150W HID flood lights: (2) front of cab; (1) each side of cab
  • FRC Optimum 750W flood lights on upper left and right side body (4)
  • Will-Burt NightScan light tower with six (6) FRC 1500-watt flood lamps and back-light feature mounted on cab roof with full perimeter limb guard painted to match cab


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