Heavy Duty Rescues



Kokomo, Indiana

Model DFC1382R


Kokomo has upgraded their response capability with a 24-ft Hackney heavy rescue mounted on a Spartan Gladiator MFD Evolution custom chassis with 24" raised roof with drop/pinch frame to maximize storage capacity. Excluding roof compartments, the body provides almost 1000 cu. ft. of storage capacity.

The rescue was designed to also serve as a service vehicle and features a ground ladder compliment in the rear tunnel that stores: (2) 35-ft three-section; (1) 28-ft two-section; (2) 16-ft roof; (1) 12-ft roof; (1) 10-ft folding; and (3) 10-ft pike poles.

A Darley 300-gpm pump with 300-gallon poly water tank provides fire support at accidents. It features a transverse cross-lay on slide-out tray with pre-connected 1-1/2" and hose tray in the front bumper with 1-1/2" discharge. A 2/1/2" intake is located in the left rear wheel skirt panel.

Located behind the engine cowling is a medical cabinet with plexiglass doors. A refrigerator is installed next to the curb side rear door behind the officers seat.

A 9000 lb. portable winch is installed in the front bumper. The hinged door in the bumper allows the winch to be operated from that position or removed and installed in the side or rear receivers, freeing up valuable storage space inside the body.

A transverse tunnel is provided in the #2 compartment for storage of 4' x 8' shoring panels. The #3 compartment has a transverse tunnel for stokes basket and two long backboards.

More space is saved by providing a slide-out Speedi-Dry hopper in the right rear wheel skirt panel that hold 80 lbs.

A 25Kw PTO generator provides power for a NightScan light tower with six omni-directional 900-watt MagnaFire light heads; two 900-watt MagnaFire's on the upper left and right side body; one MagnaFire brow light on front of cab; and two tripod portable flood lights; two Hannay cord reels with 200-ft 10/4 cable and multiple outlets.

A two-bottle 6000 psi cascade fill station with eight spare SCBA bottle storage tubes provide on-scene breathing air service. Two electric rewind air hose reels and two electric rewind hydraulic hose reels are strategically located for remote use. The chassis and body are equipped with a V-MUX multiplexed electrical system with color Vista screen accessible to the driver and officer. All lighting, including marker, tail/stop/turn, amber traffic advisor, light bar and surface mounted warning lights are LED for high visibility in all lighting conditions and low amperage consumption. A Federal Q2B mounted on the bumper and electronic siren provide audile warning.